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Thursday, July 10, 2008  
Security researchers are criticizing hacker Dan Kaminsky for keeping quiet about technical details of a critical DNS flaw. Yes, but if he did publish and most of the world's DNS suppliers were unable to work out what was wrong, the way DNS works, would mean damage in the trillions of dollars. Some toleration of the occasional fraud of publicity seeking sensationalists is a small price to pay when faced with the potential loss of value from their web facing businesses, in fact instant degradation of their brand; business therefore takes a more pragmatic stance on computer viruses accepting any old story as important. Is this one important? Well if it is, then the only harm will come from unpatched DNS's of which there may still be many in between routes. Of all the doors to leave unlocked, DNS? Only the one that could cripple things. When you think of the 2048 bit encryption that is normal practice for any technical access to the internet, why the DNS keys are on a cheaply calculated 16 bit value is enough to make me fret with fear. If Dan Kaminsky has fixed that, well he had done humanity a massive favour, is that not already clearly an issue? Anyway, an exploit method is subject to the author's copyright and just because the "hacker community" have an open source exposure requiring proof of concept, creating a sort of hacker no go territory, is not protecting the rest of us who are subject to upgrade whims of mega corporations, changing rules littered with retroactive agreements and unread clauses. The hacker community may amuse themselves but their value to the real world is their magic code. Publication of all exploits. Then at least it would be lame, if for example some terrorist used it to compromise the security of the system that protected the house the hacker lives in, but anarchy has its rewards, and risks.

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12:46 AM

Monday, September 03, 2007  
Is terrorism causing more, or less death than motor accidents? During the Iraq war, over 3,000 American deaths have been reported, plus many many thousands of Iraqi deaths. During the same 2-1/2 year period, it is estimated that 100,000 Americans died on the roads. Ironic that America went to war to secure oil access.

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6:11 PM

Wednesday, May 16, 2007  
"In last night's presidential debate, Rudolph Giuliani sharply criticized Ron Paul's argument that the united states was attacked due to its historical intervention in the middle east, implying that it was "an absurd explanation for September 11th". He Then proceeded to ask Paul to retract his statement." - article on digg.comSearch for Ron Paul Republican on YouTube to see various copies of him speaking on the Fox channel organized Republican debate. Ron Paul is definitely the dark horse in this race probably led by Mitt Romney or John McCain. Republicans all secretly want Rudi Guilliani to win, but something (mainly Ron Paul) has been convicing to say that the 9/11 Mayor has no chance against any of the main democrats. God help him if he debates with either. Moral leadership has been proven unreliable by George Bush. Taking a country to war over the actions of some of its guests is one thing, but invading a country on false pretexts is beyond the pale. Without question, George Bush's actions are evil. He is protecting a spoit brat. But Osama bin Laden - it does not matter how rational your arguments appear. Whatever - you committed an act of war against civilians and changed the world, especially America for the worse. Most of the world do not share you belief system but some of your values certainly. But taking these actions causes the democracies of the West to support the actions of the US Government. Your deed was not approved of by divinity. You may have turned a few heads, but your actions have driven Muslims to their death's in a most pointless war. It is sad that you could not live in the post modern world. Your faith suffered the worst natural disaster in the history of mankind on Dec 26th 2004. By the logic of your faith you have to see that the natural sacrifice of 200,000 Muslims by an act of God is seen as a sign that continued acts of war, continued suicide bombings and more hatred are a crime against all Muslims.Two wrongs do not make a right.Two flaming idiots do not make a genius.

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8:58 PM

Sunday, November 05, 2006  
Visitors to http://disturbingtrendz.blogspot.com

I have resurrected an antique archive version of Disturbing Trends - back from in those strange days between 9/11 and the war on Iraq.

You will now find the main weblog at this new address


5:55 AM

Wednesday, October 02, 2002  
It is not all that suprising that the US should not continue to maintain its level of threat. Conversly, it is suprising that the US should want to invade Iraq. It was a surprise that the US should be motivated to invade Afganistan. In twenty years, will Vietnam recover its civilization any better than Afganistan? Who knows. It may all be America by then. If that is not the intention of agression, then what is the point of the US spending 100 billion on an invasion which will go on costing far into the next two adminstrations.
3:37 AM

Tuesday, September 10, 2002  

This link much hit this day shows what the Iraqi threat consists of. The Left seems to have responded to the Bush battlecry that Inspections are The Answer. But what is the question? If Bush had asked for Inspectors, the Left would be demanding aid. That is the way of politics.

That Iraq has WMD is one thing, but let us just remind ourselves that many other countries already are in possession of WMD. Iraq does not really qualify in the same league as, for example, France, who's advanced nuclear capability puts it beyond the reach of an invader. (Being part of EU may also work for the French).

One generation of war children were convinced that the A-Bomb was the solution to war.
The trouble is that it is not. It is too effective so nobody dares use it, unless the enemy is helpless to respond. Remember the Gulf war? America killed 80,000 hapless Iraqi soldiers while losing just a few of their own to their own bullets. Iraq ineffecively lobbed a few scud missiles but it was little compared to the drubbing they have received ever since. I ask you, who is more likely to use a nuclear warhead? Iraq, Pakistan or America? The international reaction to the scuds was highly disproportionate to the actual threat they posed. It was the nature of the threat.

Iraq may pose an enormous threat to America in that losing Saddam as a bad guy may impede Saudi relations. Yes they should have finished the job, they already knew he was terrifying and evil. To go after Saddam now with military gusto and bravado may run out of steam before America can justify what it would have to spend to assimilate Iraq into its jurisdiction.

It already has its moderate Government in Kabul, with all the stability of a hairdo with wings.

Jimmy Carter 4:32 PM

Biotech Story

If Osama and his den of thieves were to "win" our world would grind to a halt.

That, not being at all likely, gives us new nightmares which are starting to sound more alarming like the spate of truly silly spider films that seek to reprogram our thinking about these sweet, well intentioned creatures. If, by some wild chance mixed with good old science were to generate arachnids large enough to fight tanks, I ask you, were will all that gloop come from?

And...Gasp! What if our children's thinking could in fact be programmed to contain only those objects we have approved. Would we evolve a carefully sanitised and ordered world suddenly overtaken by some more evolved brat that can think outside of the collective.

Oh Gosh! The possibilities of progress under a ruthless and irresistable campaign of eternal obedience. The disturbing thing is the power base or financial centrifuge itself adopting the principles that held it in shadow. It is how organisms improve. Because the security forces were overwhelmed by clear thinking about vulnerability, it follows that these security forces adopt more focused and direct responses. Evolution works.

Then again, I thought twice before featuring a hacker page of replacement personalities for those Sony Dog things people keep as "pets". Somethings are just not worth having. How do you know it isn't part of some electronic conspiracy and may receive a new instruction from its community any second to change.


10:01 AM

Sunday, September 08, 2002  

Noam Chomsky

Although the pure poetry of the writing of the great linguist would be happier to live under Chaos Matters , it is more predictably found here.

This article was published in The Guardian .

This is the British newspaper that said 100 planes when mr bush meant 25 planes. Why can't they get it right?

8:31 PM

Each day we wake a few minutes earlier, in order to pull back the atomic clock or at least enjoy the dawn while it still exists.

The Disaster Calendar may be a better metaphor, with just a few safe-ish days not stroked in red marker. Disturbing. One day has perhaps an asteroid the size a small mountain brushing our atmosphere within the next million or two years, or an unmanagable plague tearing humanity after shreads evolve past biological threats escaping from a future genetic nightmare laboratory.

We are here. The age of not knowing where things come from. When war is called excercises which just happen to kill a few of the probable enemy combatant personae friendly fire kills "our boys" painting an inaccurate picture of absolute sacrifice when in fact its risk minisation that let the Bin Laden mob escape.

It is only a matter of time. So hold on, and enjoy your part of the ride, its all downhill from here.

It is like Mr Bush believes in the end of the world as predicted in Armageddon. But like most big egos he has written himself into the starring roles, "with the Big Guy".

If America uses all the oil, it will make more money, and since the world is just a creation of God, His Divinity can simply make us saved ones a new playground.

Scarey way to think. Certain dinosaurs were perhaps thinking how good it was to be able to eat as much Blue Lupin Spine as they could get their jaws around, they were so in love with it. Until they ate it out of existence, and they followed suit.

1:05 PM

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